Poseidon2 3468 TSet

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  • HWG600589
HW group: Poseidon2 3468 TSet - Supports 8 1-Wire / 1-Wire UNI sensors, 4 digital inputs and 2... more
Product information "Poseidon2 3468 TSet"

HW group: Poseidon2 3468 TSet - Supports 8 1-Wire / 1-Wire UNI sensors, 4 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs.

Poseidon2 3468 supports max. 8 1-Wire or 1-Wire UNI sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity, light, voltage, current etc. and 4 digital inputs for detection of smoke, flood, power failure, movement, etc. The device can control 2 digital 230 V / 10 A relay outputs, as well as 8 virtual digital outputs at remote Poseidon2 or Damocles2 devices (M2M). The integrated web server permits easy configuration and status display with a web browser.
On state changes and failures Poseidon2 3468 alerts by e-mail, SMS, SNMP trap or activates a relay in another Poseidon2 or Damocles2 device. E-mail alerts are sent to up to five different recipients. The device has an alarm reminder function, which allows periodic sending of e-mail reports. SMS messages can be sent to recipients in the local network via the gateway SMS-GW3.
The integration of Poseidon2 3468 in management and SCADA systems is possible. The device supports the protocols SNMPv3, Modbus / TCP, MQTT, HWg-Push, IPv6 and XML. By using the online portal SensDesk.com you can monitor sensor values and receive alarms via a mobile app.
All inputs are equipped with 32 bit pulse counters that retain their status even after a power failure.
Up to 250,000 measured values are stored in the internal flash memory (data logger).
The software HWg-PDMS can record values and create MS Excel reports. An extensive Software Development Kit (HWg-SDK) with many examples simplifies the integration into own applications.
The metal housing is prepared for DIN rail mounting. The device is connected via a 10/100 MBit Ethernet interface to the network. Power is supplied via a DC jack or screw terminal (9-30 V DC).
Supply of external sensors such as smoke detectors and motion sensors is available via an additional screw terminal.
Poseidon2 3468 provides two RJ11 jacks. Up to 8 sensors can be connected in series (daisy chain) or through a hub.

  • Network: 10/100 MBit Ethernet
  • 8 1-Wire / 1-Wire UNI sensors
  • 4 digital inputs with S0 pulse counters
  • 2 relay outputs 230 V / 10 A
  • 8 virtual digital outputs
  • Internal memory: 250,000 data records
  • Configuration via internal web server
  • Alarm notifications by e-mail, SMS, SNMP trap or activation of a relay
  • Supported protocols: DHCP, MQTT (IoT), SNMPv1, SNMPv3, HWg-PUSH, Modbus/TCP, HTTPs, IPv6, XML, netGSM
  • Power supply: 9-30 V power adapter
  • Metal housing, IP40
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 145 x 40 x 90 mm
  • Supported HW group software: HWg-PDMS, HWg-Trigger, SensDesk
  • Software Development Kit HWg-SDK
Measuring task: Airflow, Contact, Current, Gas, Humidity, Leakage, Light, Motion, Smoke, Temperature, Voltage
Power supply: Plug-in power supply , PoE
Interfaces: 1-Wire / 1-Wire UNI, Digital inputs, Ethernet, Relay outputs
Possible application areas
  • Remote monitoring in IT environments
  • USV monitoring
  • Cold store and freezer monitoring
  • HVAC monitoring
  • Intelligent buildings
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Scope of delivery
  • Poseidon2 3468
  • Temp-1Wire IP67 3 m (temperature sensor)
  • Wall plug adapter 12 V (EU, UK, US)
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