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  • egnite
  • EGN600214
egnite: Querx TH Web thermo-, hygrometer and data logger with alert feature Querx TH ships... more

egnite: Querx TH

Web thermo-, hygrometer and data logger with alert feature

Querx TH ships with integrated sensors for temperature and humidity.
The device tracks the gathered measurements, calculates the dew point and provides the data via Ethernet and cloud services. An interactive graph visualizes the data and alerts can be triggered when critical values are reached.
The intelligent sensor can be easily integrated into existing networks. It is configured and controlled via the graphical web interfaces - no additional software is required.

Additional information on the Querx sensors is available at sensors.egnite.de.

Precise measurements
  • Querx TH measures temperature, humidity and calculates the dew point.
Uninterrupted data tracking
  • The minimal, maximal and average temperature measurements are saved on the device for at least 51 days (1 entry / minute) up to 8.4 years (1 entry / hour).
  • The data is also safely stored if a power shortage should occur.
Alerts and notifications
  • Querx TH sends automatic emails, SNMP-traps and syslog messages if
    • the values of temperature, humidity and dew point are too high or low,
    • the values of temperature and humidity are rising or falling too quickly
    • and once the measured values have returned to its normal range.
  • Emails are encrypted (StartTLS). Up to 4 recipients can be notified and 2 configurable mail-servers ensure that alerts are sent even if one of the servers should fail.
User-friendly web interface
  • The device’s interactive HTML5 web interface facilitates real-time access to all data, as well as its visualization on your PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Measurements can be exported in the XML- or CSV-formats and can thus be used in Excel or other applications, for instance.
  • The interface is available in English or German.
Various interfaces for data access
  • Querx sensors can be integrated into network monitoring systems such as Zabbix or Icinga via SNMP.
  • Modbus/TCP makes it possible to apply the device in industrial process monitoring (SCADA) and other automation systems.
  • All current and saved measurements can be queried in the formats XML, CSV and JSON via HTTP.
Supports cloud services
  • Querx TH supports the cloud services ThingSpeak and dweet.io. You can access your data via your web browser or an app wherever you are.
  • The data can be integrated into your own applications from the cloud via the programming interfaces (APIs) offered by the provider you have chosen.
Easy to set up and configure
  • Each Querx sensor is automatically allocated an IP address via DHCP during setup. The application Device Discoverer helps you keep track of all the Querx sensors on your network.
  • Since Querx TH supports mDNS/Bonjour, the devices can also be reached on your local area network via a fixed system name specified by you.
  • The device is configured via an intuitive web interface.
  • Querx TH works reliably within the temperature range of -40 °F to 185 °F (-40 °C to 85 °C).
  • Due to its compact case of 2.2 x 1.6 x 0.8 in (56,3 x 40 x 20 mm), Querx TH can be installed even in tight places.
  • Status LEDs visualize alarm states, network link and network activity..
  • An integrated, battery backed real-time clock keeps the time up to date even in the case of a power shortage or an inaccessible SNTP server.
  • Power is supplied via a micro USB input, either from a free USB port or an external EU power supply. The power consumption is less than 1 watt.
  • DAkkS-certification (German Accreditation Body) is optionally available for Querx network sensors. The certificates can be requested when purchasing the device or at a later date.
  • Additional information on the Querx sensors is available at egnite Smart Sensors. Amongst other things, the site offers step by step tutorials for the application of Querx TH in specific situations.
Possible application areas
  • Server room monitoring
  • Quality assurance in production
  • Laboratories, pharmacies
  • Room climate monitoring in churches, wine cellars, paper stores
  • Preventive conservation of collections in museums, archives and depots
  • and much else
Scope of delivery
  • Querx TH with integrated sensors for temperature, humidity (no accessories)
Onward links
Scope of delivery
  • Querx TH with integrated sensors for temperature, humidity (no accessories)
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