From now on all NETIO sockets and power distributors support the SNMPv3 protocol. This protocol provides better security for network management compared to SNMPv1 and SNMPv2.


egnite is expanding its range in the area of networking I/O. Starting from September 2021 we now carry the devices by NETIO products a.s.
Teracom has released another device for remote monitoring and control over cellular networks, the LTE IO module TCG140-4.
Opening hours and shipping dates 2020 / 2021.
HW group has released a new version of the water leak detector HWg-WLD / HWg-WLD PoE, the WLD2. It now supports 4 sensor cables instead of one, which helps locate the source of water leaks more precisely.
The second revision of the Ethernet / WiFi thermometer STE2 introduces improved WiFi reception, is faster in general and ready to meet rising security requirements.
Opening hours and shipping dates 2019 / 2020.
The remote monitoring system HWg-Ares and the SMS gateway HWg-SMS-GW have been upgraded to support not only GSM but also LTE.
HW group has launched 4 monitoring devices for the SensDesk IoT portal.
Teracom is releasing two new modules in the rail housing format.
The SensDesk-Portal gets updated.
Opening hours and shipping dates 2018 / 2019:
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