Increased Security of NETIO products

From now on all NETIO sockets and power distributors support the SNMPv3 protocol. This protocol provides better security for network management compared to SNMPv1 and SNMPv2.

This change affects the following devices:

Device SNMPv1/2 SNMPv3
PowerPDU 4C        ✓       ✓
PowerPDU 4PS         ✓       ✓ 
PowerPDU 8QS         ✓       ✓ 
PowerBOX 4Kx         ✓       ✓ 
PowerBOX 3Px         ✓       ✓ 
PowerDIN 4PZ         ✓       ✓ 
PowerCable REST         ✓       ✓ 
PowerCable IQRF 901x         X       X 


In addition, it is now possible to run SNMP in parallel with other Open API protocols. This allows you to integrate the sockets into the existing SNMP monitoring system, but control them from a different control system.

More information can be found on the manufacturer's website, available in English.

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