New organization of HW group monitoring devices

In the process of a reorganization, HW group has divided its monitoring products into 2 categories:


The standalone monitoring category contains all standard HW group devices like Poseidon2, STE/STE2, Ares, Damocles2, WLD2, HWg-PWR and IP Watchdog.

These devices have a web server for local configuration. They can additionally send e-mails independently and communicate with various monitoring systems via SNMP, XML and other protocols. The standalone devices operate independently. They can be connected to the SensDesk portal or the HWg cloud, but it is not mandatory.

The second category IoT Monitoring, contains the SD and NB product series.

These devices require the use of an online service, such as or in order to operate. They do not provide a web server. Configuration and alarming are done via the cloud. The devices can be connected to other monitoring systems via Open API (SNMP, XML).

  Standalone Monitoring
(Poseidon, Damocles, Ares u. a.)
IoT Monitoring
(NB-xx, SD-xx)
Webinterface Only via cloud
E-mails, SNMP, XML Only via cloud
SensDesk portal, from different providers ✓ 

As part of this reorganization, the online service will become a paid service from 28.02.2022 (prolonged from 30.11.2021) As a free alternative, HW group offers the portal

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