New Teracom devices: TCW280 and TCW260

Teracom is releasing two new modules in the rail housing format.

The analog output module TCW280 features two outputs that can be configured to operate as voltage- or current-loop-outputs. Additionally, four open-drain outputs, which can be used as PWM or simple digital outputs, are available. Two independent relay outputs with normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contacts broaden the possible applications. The outputs can be controlled manually via the web browser, or automatically via a timed schedule, as well as via multiple interfaces such as SNMP, HTTP-API or Modbus/TCP.

The power monitoring module TCW260 offers four S0 compatible meter inputs and six analog outputs that can be configured as voltage or current inputs. Additionally, the RS-485 interface makes it possible to read 24 Modbus registers. The data can be queried via a web browser or one of the featured network interfaces such as SNMP, HTTP or Modbus/TCP.

The devices are available from the egnite Shop as of now.

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